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George James Business Systems are a Northamptonshire based company providing bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ software solutions to a variety of clients and vertical markets. Since 2001 George James Business Systems have successfully implemented and maintained a wide variety of client projects, primarily using our own ‘in house’ software applications and a wide range of Mobile Data Capture technologies making extensive use of barcoding and RFID tagging. We also specialise in writing bespoke applications for electronic cabinets and vending carousels such as the Autocrib range of products. We are also a partner of Made4Net and can provide the full range from their SCExpert suit of applications.

Bespoke Software Solutions

We have been producing bespoke software for over 10 years. This has allowed us to build an extensive tracking core with many add-on modules. We are able to add modules such as Asset Track, Stock Control, Engineer or Job tracking and then bespoke them to fulfil the customers requirements, which reduces cost and leadtime to delivery.

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Modular Barcode Solutions

We have developed a suite of standard software products to provide solutions to the problems that arise in a wide range of tracking applications, from asset tracking to total stock and inventory control in many different and diverse business areas. All of our products are written and structured in a sytle that allows for the addition of bespoke modules to increase the functionality of a particular product should they not match your exact requirements.

Standard ‘off the shelf’ modules include:
  • AR-Tracker for box and file archive storage
  • AR-Inventory for stores and stock control
  • AR-Tooling for electronic tooling cabinets and tool tracking to minimise the risk associated with FOD, with fit-to-fly functionality for control in the work place.
  • AR-Assets for high and low value asset tracking
  • AR-Mobile allowing mobile devices, wireless infrastructures and GPRS technologies to be used as part of any implementation.

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RFID \ NFC Solutions

Our customers have used RFID tags to identify a vast range of assets and stock items, stock includes packs of timber at a leading port authority, archive document storage boxes, tooling for the food and aerospace industries, leather and footwear products and textiles that are washed in a commercial laundry. The list of what can be tagged is endless, if the substrate is large enough it can be tagged and if the material of the item allows the tag can be hidden within the structure of it. An enormous range of assets have been tagged to allow for identification and location when required.

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Warehouse and Logistic Solutions

George James have been awarded partner status for a modular Warehousing , logistics and transport package from the global supplier Made4net. SCExpert™ has over 1300 world wide implementations, some of which are household names whilst others are small to medium businesses. SCExpert™ has the necessary functionality to manage state of art warehouses, logistic and transport infrastructures, it has been designed to be scalable, flexible, easy to use, and interface as standard to other third party packages such as SAP and Sage. The technical credentials are equally impressive with the user interface being ‘Browser based’ allowing the database driven application to be hosted via the Cloud or on a local server. Different languages are supported and the field names within Made4net can be changed if required to something users are more familiar with making implementations, changeovers and training more straightforward.

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Technology Solutions
  • RFID: Identification and location of assets and stock using active and passive tags. We can now offer one the best in class read distances for passive technologies.

  • Barcoding: All 1D and 2D symbologies (including QR codes) supported. We have printed or produced barcodes for products ranging from paper labels for cardoard boxes to dot peen marking (scribing) metal racing car engine sumps.

  • Wireless: All of our products are fully compliant and operate seamlessly with 802.11 wifi infrastructures.

  • GPRS: Where functionality and control is required in the field we use General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) technologies for data exchange which is a packet oriented mobile data service on the 2G, 3G or 4G cellular communication system's global system for mobile communications (GSM). This allows operators such as engineers to communicate globally where ever they have coverage. Our AR-Mobile fully supports GPRS technologies.


"George James Business Systems understood my requirements, and from start to finish they were a pleasure to deal with." Ben P

"The Support we receive from George James is second to none." Terry - Shoreham Port

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