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Wireless Site Surveys and Installation Services

    Wireless Technology

We can design, deploy and optimise 802.11 WLAN networks for maximum performance, security and compliance. Our RF Network planning team use expert planning tools to ensure your wireless network meets the requirements of demanding, data, VoIP and video applications.

Our RF Site Surveys provide a detailed analysis of your site and includes visual heat-maps showing 2D and 3D wireless coverage, any possible interference and analysis of multiple levels and neighboring access points. Wireless LAN solutions offer resiliency, security and performance equal to that of a wired LAN while delivering the mobility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of wireless.

Our team of engineers use the latest tools and techniques to map out wireless radio coverage to create a fully scalable and secure wireless network. We can supply, install and support Wi-Fi & 433Mhz networks into any location no matter how complex, including Point To Point WiFi (PTP) solutions, which are a method of connecting two locations wirelessly where wires cannot be deployed.

For a limited time, through our partners we are able to offer Free Wireless Site Surveys !

Wireless Site Surveys are essential when designing a professional wireless installation. Surveys can help identify dead spots (no coverage) and interference, and take into concideration factors such as area size, bulding construction and materials within the proximity that can affect coverage.

Well designed and professionally implemented Wireless networks are a vital building block for the majority of customer solutions, the technology although established is continually developing, offering improved functionality, features and flexibility. To ensure we always deliver first class installations regardless of their size or complexity we have partnered with a leading UK Networking design and installation company to further complement and enhance our services to the customer. Please call for details.

Wireless Advantages

Real time systems with Wireless Communications

Mobility: Allows network connectivity without being tide to a physical location.

Services Include

  • Site Surveys
  • CAT5e, 6 & Fibre Data Cabling
  • Network Equipment Installation and Configuration

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