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AR-Inventory Job / Inventory Management Tracking

Inventory control is the process for managing and locating objects or materials. It doesn’t matter what the objects are, where they are stored or intrinsic value they still require some sort of management.

We have developed a simple to use, yet effective, job tracking solution. Suitable for Companies of all sizes our AR-Inventory module manages allows objects to be managed to support the business processes ensuring excellent customer service levels.

AR-Inventory, our Inventory and Job Tracking Management System control module uses barcodes and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags providing automatic identification of inventory items.

The AR-Inventory module allows for individual serialisation and ‘batch’ control of inventory items should this be required. To record an inventory transaction, the system uses a barcode scanner , hand held mobile data capture unit (HHPT) linked into our AR-Mobile module supporting RFID readers to automatically identify the inventory object, which collects and validates the additional information typically over a wireless network directly from the operator. Our solution allows you to keep a track of engineers in the fields and what jobs have been allocated to them. When linked with our stock control module, this can be further enhanced to link stock used on site.

A new trend and a future release is to use smartphones and QR codes to keep track of inventory counts and movements and is especially useful for field service operations, where the operator can look up or record inventory movements in the field.


Calender feature to track Customer Jobs

User Management System, who is doing what and when

Stock Control Module to track items to site.



Zebra GK420t

Hand Held Device

Intermec CK3, Motorola MC70 or M3 Orange




SQL Server Express

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