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1300+ World Wide Warehouse Management (WMS) & Transport Management Installations.

Partner Solutions

George James have been awarded partner status for a modular Warehousing , logistics and transport package from the global supplier Made4net. SCExpert™ has over 1300 world wide implementations, some of which are household names whilst others are small to medium businesses. SCExpert™ has the necessary functionality to manage state of art warehouses, logistic and transport infrastructures, it has been designed to be scalable, flexible, easy to use, and interface as standard to other third party packages such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage. The technical credentials are equally impressive with the user interface being ‘Browser based’ allowing the database driven application to be hosted via the Cloud or on a local server. Different languages are supported and the field names within Made4net can be changed if required to something users are more familiar with making implementations, changeovers and training more straightforward.

Made4net's SCExpert™ is based on a ‘seat by seat’ cost model, which allows you to add additional users as and when required, also because you may be satisfying a number of customer requirements within the warehouse some with specific demands, standard tools within Made4net allow additional functionality to be incorporated without changing the core application. This means any customer specific changes will not affect future new releases of the product, minimising long term costs of ownership.

SCExpert™ offers a modular platform that easily adapts to your existing IT environment. It includes a suite of integrated products (Warehouse Management & Transport Management) that can be individually deployed, modified or combined as needed based on your business requirements. Built on pure Microsoft technology, based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) deployment and powered by powerful configuration and business process rules mechanisms, SCExpert™ bridges the gap between your Enterprise systems (ERP, MRP, HR etc.) and your operational execution requirements to deliver an end-to-end adaptive Supply Chain Execution solution.

Warehouse Expert™ - Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) optimize inventory, as well as the resources and the required material handling equipment. WarehouseExpert™ is a robust real-time WMS that enables you to improve productivity, increase level of service, improve order fulfillment times and reduce overall operation costs. WarehouseExpert™ WMS collects data on every single transaction and movement in the warehouse, and uses this information to provide real time visibility of your resources and equipment on a warehouse map, location of pallets and performance and utilization metrics.

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Transport Expert™ - Transport Management System

TransportExpert™ is a powerful transport management software solution that will help optimize your daily fleet management operations. Using advanced scheduling algorithms with an unlimited user defined rules, you will be able to automate fleet scheduling tasks and utilise your fleet to the maximum. Minimising empty runs will generate immediate savings to your operations. Transport & driver planned availability are clearly presented to perform real-time job assignment.

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Routing Expert™ - Dynamic Route Planning

RoutingExpert™ is a powerful tactical route planning solution that will help you optimize your distribution costs and provide better customer service by building and scheduling more efficient routes. Using advanced routing algorithms with an unlimited flexible user defined business constraint rules; you can plan routes faster, find the right balance between your profit and customer service level, thus maximizing the return on investment in your transportation resources. The Dynamic Route Planning engine uses weight calculation of target functions such as: minimum cost, maximum service level, minimum resources (trucks/trailers), along with advanced mapping tools. This enables a flexible planning mechanism which produces various results based on the pre-determined scores and configured business constraints.

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Yard Expert™ - Yard Resource Management System

YardExpert™ extends the management of your distribution facility beyond the four walls of your warehouse by providing yard and dock door management capabilities. The Yard Management System gives you the ability to track pertinent information for trailers and containers including source information (who brought it in, who owns it), status information (where it is, what is on it, how long it has been there) and usage information (where and when it is supposed to be). This level of visibility and control extends the management and optimization of warehouse receiving and shipping operations resulting in improved throughput and customer service.

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Made4Net - SCExpert Benefits

1300+ World Wide SCExpert Installations

Modular, Fully Scaleable Solution Platform

Mobility Solutions Including Voice Picking

Food Traceability and increased customer service

Executive Dashboards and Process Control

Operational savings from the smallest warehouse to multi site multi modal operations.

Main Industries

  • Consumer Goods
  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail
  • 3PL
  • High Tech
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Manufacturing

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