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"Modular Barcode Solutions"

Modular Barcode Solutions

We have developed a suite of standard software products to provide solutions to the problems that arise in a wide range of tracking applications, from asset tracking to total stock and inventory control in many different and diverse business areas. All of our products are written and structured in a style that allows for the addition of bespoke modules to increase the functionality of a particular product should they not match your exact requirements. These modules have typically been added and implemented for requirements including 'invoicing', 'calibration control', 'damage reports', anything where control needs to be established

AR-Tracker - Archive Storage Records Management System

Our archive storage solution Ar-Tracker provides cost effective archive management in one modular and upgradeable solution, giving the functionality required to setup, and manage your box or file storage facility and can be a key part of your archiving solutions.

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AR-Asset - Asset Management System

Ar-Asset, the Asset Tracking Management System is a simple to use system that records the status of assets within a company. The status information includes data such as:-

  • Who authorised the purchase of the asset
  • When was the asset installed, commissioned
  • When is the asset due for service or destruction
  • Is special training required to operate or use the asset
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    AR-Stock - Stock Control System

    We have developed a module called Ar-Stock. A powerful yet easy to use stock control system that allows the management of supliers, customers and products. It allows the generation of Customer Orders to be entered onto the system. The system will then generate a pick list.

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    AR-Inventory - Job / Inventory Management System

    Inventory control is the process for managing and locating objects or materials. It doesn’t matter what the objects are, where they are stored and their intrinsic value they still require some sort of management.

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    Fit 2 Fly™ - Tool Tracking System

    The Fit to Fly tool control system has been designed and developed over several years with essential feedback being given from leading edge companies in the aerospace and military aviation fields. The Fit to Fly tool control system can however offer significant benefits to all manufacturing and maintenance industries, with a system recently being installed on a production line of a major food manufacturer. The vital feedback being given from this installation is that the system is extremely useful in minimising the risk of product contamination; tool theft and misplacement are also minimised. Very importantly it is providing an overall improvement of general safety standards.

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    Modular Solution Benefits

    Easy To Customise or Tailor to Customer Requirements

    Fully Tested Standard Core Of Applications

    Large Install Base


    Asset Tracking Standard Solutions