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"Bespoke Software"

Bespoke Software

We have been producing bespoke software for over 10 years. This has allowed us to build an extensive tracking core with many add-on modules, allowing complimentary and emerging technologies such as RFID to be used.

Often standard packaged software does not fit business needs. This means that you have to change your processes to fit with the software.

We have built up standard building blocks which allow us to quickly bespoke some of our standard products so that you don't have to change your processes.These solutions use wireless technology - typically 802.11 which is scaleable and offers 'real time' updates and feedback. We can design, implement and support WiFi networks.

We are able to add modules such as Asset Track, Stock Control, Engineer or Job tracking and then bespoke them to fulfil the customers requirements.

Although the AR- range of application modules we have offer a wide range of functionality, in some instances organisations have different and in some cases unique processes. It could be an interface into an existing application or additional functionality deemed necessary to run the business effectively.

If any changes are required the architecture of the AR- range allows us to easily specify and implement what is required. For example in the past we successfully modified and implemented the AR-Asset and AR-Inventory modules for a port authority managing large quantities of timber and steel. This allowed us to incorporate their specific processes while the mobile data capture functionality AR-Mobile remained standard.

The modular approach we take to software means we can modify module functionality where the customer requirement dictates but keep other modules standard, reducing costs, timescales and implementation issues.

Any bespoke software once specified is undertaken on a fixed price, fixed timescale basis and is fully supported as part of the standard solution.

Bespoke Software Benefits

Solutions to exactly fit your business requirement

Allows integration into existing systems, protecting previous investments

Can give unique competitive advantage

Allows phased implementation to suit business needs


George James develop bespoke software solutions that can start with us designing your bar code label, or working with you to use the latest RFID tagging products.

Next we can recommend and supply the bar code scanners, the RFID readers, and if required deliver a fully integrated and scalable software solution for the data collection process. We can implement the latest hardware technologies, including Bluetooth for mobile printing, 802.11n wireless networks in warehouse or office, and GPRS / 3G / 4G for use in mobile situations, such as tracking engineers activities in the field.

Finally our software developers can develop bespoke software for your business requirement and are skilled in the latest software technologies. We can provide all or any part of the solution and will work with you to deliver a cost effective system to match your needs


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