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"Ar-Tracker - Upgradeable and Scalable Archive Storage Management Solution."

Our archive storage solution Ar-Tracker provides cost effective archive management in one modular and upgradeable solution, giving the functionality required to setup, and manage your box or file storage facility and can be a key part of your archiving solutions.

The Ar-Tracker records management software is completely modular and built on a wireless architecture with hand held terminals recording the transactions. The Ar-Tracker application has a standard core allowing archive boxes and files to be stored, tracked and managed, with additional functionality to further support your archive storage solution. Additional modules such as a web interface, driver collections, deliveries and costings are available as and when you require them.

A Modular Approach


The core module of the Ar-Tracker document storage software provides the minimum functionality required to manage your archive boxes and files within the physical warehouse facility. Additional functionality to the 'Who, What, Where and When' includes customer requests for archive boxes or files, destruction dates and additional features are all secured on the archive database software to ensure your archive facility delivers 1st class customer service levels.

Upgradeable Architecture

The Ar-Tracker product is based on a very flexible and scalable architecture and is perfect if you are planning to expand your archive facility at some future date. It is designed to utilise the latest wireless technology and hand held data capture devices, giving you real time control, a scalable upgrade path and an affordable entry level. New contract take-ons become far easier.

The optional web based module allows your customers to access their specific archive box or file information via the internet. The client logs into a username and password controlled area, where only their archive document storage information is displayed. They can then make requests or view information which could be against their search references rather than yours, for example archiving boxes or files for a specific construction contract.

Barcodes are the identification methodology of choice, and are used to identify locations and are a must for any software for any box or files archiving solutions. Our range of hardware devices such as printers and hand held data capure devices are perfectly matched with the media and environment to ensure you have trouble free set up and a smooth operation.

The optional pickup and deliveries module allows control, traceability and accountability of archive boxes or files being delivered to, or picked up from the client. Items are scanned on and off a delivery vehicle with a portable barcode scanner, a signature can be requested if required and the information secured. Proof of receipts are printed at the time of the transaction, and the information uploaded to the main system when the vehicle has returned to the warehouse.

What can we do for you?

  • Give you a budget figure for your archive storage project.

  • Cost effective design and installation of your wireless infrastructure.

  • Printing of barcode labels and supply of any necessary media.

  • Assistance and support tailored to your specific requirements.

The costing module caters for both fixed amounts, such as monthly storage charges for archive boxes and files, and variable or transaction generated charges such as pickup and deliveries. Additional costs are covered for special cases such as the 'destruction' of a box or file. This provides a complete and accurate end of period invoice to the customer based on what has actually been transacted. If required an output file may be generated allowing electronic input into an accounting package.

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