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"RFID Tracking Solutions"

RFID Tracking Solutions

RFID technology is not just an electronic barcode or just another way of identifying an asset. It is far more than that, RFID technology utilises tags that can be hidden on or in a product or asset, they can be ‘read only’ or have the capability to be encoded with specific data that can be erased and rewritten many thousands of times. RFID tags unlike barcodes can be made unique with a serial number that is embedded onto the ‘chip’ at the time of manufacture. This ensures that an asset can be uniquely identified with a serial number that cannot be duplicated and various checks can be made with the tracking software to ensure for example that the asset is, what it is supposed to be and where it is supposed to be. Any data relevant to an asset can be encoded on the ‘chip’ or stored within the software database.

RFID tag technology is available in HF (High frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) formats each having specific advantages depending on your requirements. The tags themselves are either low cost Passive, medium cost Semi Passive or higher cost Active types. Unlike a barcode which requires ‘Line of sight’ contact, RFID tagging allows assets to be identified simply by proximity which varies in range according to the tag type, where it is, and the underlying wireless technology it uses. There is also NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that enables a mobile phone with the Android operating system to operate as a scanner. The phone can scan an RFID tag, decode the data and display it, this means that specialised scanners are not required giving large cost savings. This technology is particularly useful for field processes and mobile engineers servicing equipment or tracking assets.

The key information that is required to track and control assets are the four ‘W’s’, these are:

The What? RFID tags allow us to securely and uniquely identify our assets by using the serial number embedded within the RFID tag, this serial number can be cross referenced within the tracking software to retrieve any relevant data. identify our assets and by using the RFID tag embedded serial number and depending on their value, their operational environment and other factors we can if required match a specific tag with a specific serial number to a specific asset making the ‘What’ unique.

The Where? RFID tags can be tracked and decoded regardless of their physical location. We can either read location information if your application is "indoors" from a secondary tag or barcode, or if it is "outdoor" using your mobile phone or android device capture a GPS location.

The Who? This can be via a secure login or an RFID identity badge which is read before the transactions take place, this way we can track things back to a particular engineer.

The When? When did the transactions take place, a history of all transactions and events associated with any asset can be provided.

RFID Tags & Technology

Our customers have used RFID tags to identify a vast range of assets and stock items, stock includes packs of timber at a leading port authority, archive document storage boxes, tooling for the food and aerospace industries, leather and footwear products and textiles that are washed in a commercial laundry. The list of what can be tagged is endless, if the substrate is large enough it can be tagged and if the material of the item allows the tag can be hidden within the structure of it. An enormous range of assets have been tagged to allow for identification and location when required.

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RFID Mobile Tracking Solutions

RFID solutions offer a number of unique benefits in such areas as asset identification, asset management and the capture of information throughout an entire process. RFID tags use wireless technology and do not require ‘line of sight’ to communicate with or to be read by an RFID reader, unlike barcodes which require clear ‘line of sight’ to be read.

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Specialist RFID Door Readers & Portals

RFID Portal Solutions allow for the tracking of items in a non-intrustive manner. The Technology "automatically" reads the RFID tagged items as they pass through / past the devices. Multiple items can be scanned at the same time allowing a quicker process that indivudally scanning each item.

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RFID vs Barcode

RFID reading does not require line of site

Specialist RFID tags can operate in harsh environments

Tags can store data and you can read / write multiple times

You can read multiple RFID Tags at once, allowing faster data collection.

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Main Application Areas

  • Asset Tracking
  • Access Control
  • Laundry Management
  • High Value Garment Identification
  • High Value Product Authentication
  • Waste Management
  • Manufacturing Control
  • Movement Tracking