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Makita are a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality power tools. Makita supply equipment of the highest quality and longevity with their products being used in all corners of the globe.

The warehouses’s existing wireless, data capture and printing systems were struggling to support the demands of Makita UK. In conjunction with Makita UK personnel we surveyed the warehouse, designed and proposed a wireless infrastructure to satisfy the current and future requirement. The Intermec CK3 with a 2D scanner and terminal emulation were selected as the preferred hand held device, and the Datamax range of industrial printers for barcode labeling. An implementation schedule was agreed and we installed the entire wireless network without any disruption to the legacy system, with the new hand held devices being configured and fully tested to ensure a seamless switch over. The wireless infrastructure was commissioned and tested to ensure the process was seamless. In the next step the hand held terminals and the new high speed printers were piloted and only implemented once Makita UK were satisfied all their criteria had been met and there were no issues.

The new solution has delivered the benefits and will support the growth requirements of Makita UK for the for seeable future. Also because the solution is so important and is critical to the process, we also have maintenance contracts in place to make sure if there are any issues we can identify them, put them right and keep Makita UK running as a 24/7 operation.

The brief was to introduce and implement a replacement wireless data capture system, and a 24/7 high capacity and high volume barcode printing facility. The wireless system to be used throughout the warehouse to support the issuing, receiving and despatch of stock.

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