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Asset Tracking

Regardless of industry sector or product type asset tracking and control of who, what, where and when in a process are key requirements, it could be a pack of timber or steel, it could be a hand tool or wooden door frame that tracking data is required for, it could even be a works order that requires tracking - the list is almost without limit. To develop and offer an ‘off the shelf’ solution to tick all of the boxes for every budget and every requirement is just not possible, because it will always come down to cost versus risk and benefits, and what is right for one customer requirement would not be the best choice for another. So we work with you to work out the best way forward, using the best mix of hardware and software components to deliver the most efficient and cost effective solution for your requirements.

Our solution for tracking assets around a large port authority would not be the same as tooling control for FOD utilising electronic cabinets and carousels and would not use the same hardware components. However all of the solutions are built around a common SQL based software core with an architecture that allows us to easily integrate and incorporate various hardware components so that you the customer can have the most beneficial combination of hardware and software to deliver exactly what is required in a particular solution. The hardware is specified from a suitable range and manufacturer, very often using product specific partners who are specialists in their fields. Asset tracking and component supply solutions have used hardware as diverse as handheld barcode scanners to industrial vending machines integrated together with either an ‘off the shelf’ or bespoke software element. Legacy hardware can also be used with software elements being supplied to allow full use of existing hardware without the expense of replacing equipment.

A consultation and analysis of a customers project can quickly establish whether or not ‘off the shelf’ software modules can be used or whether bespoke software is required to be integrated with the necessary hardware to ensure that the solution to a problem is fully delivered.

Determining Your Asset Tracking Requirements

The Asset Attributes determine how a proposed solution is defined:

  • Asset Size
  • Asset Value
  • Asset Process Cycle
  • Fixed Assets or Mobile Assets
  • Or the Mix of Assets
  • We then determine the level of Control over the asset or further requirements. From these pieces of information we can then propose a solution. It may be that one of our 'off the shelf' products such as Ar-Asset or Fit to Fly can fulfil the need. Or it may be that we would need to build upon these standard products using a combination of the technologies to provide a solution.

    Typical Asset Tracking Applications

    Asset Tracking In a Port

  • Timber is Tracked through all processes from discharge and storage, through to despatch
  • Hand Held and PC software.
  • Customer web portal to view available stock
  • Asset Tracking For FOD

  • Engineer access can be set by cabinet, or even by drawer giving controlled access.
  • Higher level access given to auditors and supervisors as required.
  • All transactions logged against person accessing.
  • Asset Tracking For Works Orders

  • Parts specific for works order held in the Robocrib.
  • Using a barcode scanner the Robocrib will find the correct works order part and deliver it to the user.
  • Works orders can be taken and returned to the crib multiple times.