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"Fit to Fly - Provide FOD (foreign object damage) Prevention and Tool Tracking Systems."

The Fit to Fly tool control system has been designed and developed over several years with essential feedback being given from leading edge companies in the aerospace and military aviation fields. The Fit to Fly tool control system can however offer significant benefits to all manufacturing and maintenance industries, with a system recently being installed on a production line of a major food manufacturer. The vital feedback being given from this installation is that the system is extremely useful in minimising the risk of product contamination; tool theft and misplacement are also minimised. Very importantly it is providing an overall improvement of general safety standards.

A partnership arrangement with Stahlwille, a world class and global hand tool manufacturer, has ensured that high quality tool control extends right into the workplace where the operations actually take place. This combination of the Fit to Fly upgradeable electronic tool control system integrated with the Stahlwille range of quality hand tools offers a unique and comprehensive way of tackling such serious issues as FOD, internal and external customer audits, and missing or damaged tooling.

A Complete Solution

Features and Benefits

Controlled Access

  • Engineer access can be set by cabinet, or even by drawer giving controlled access.
  • Higher level access given to auditors and supervisors as required.
  • All transactions logged against person accessing.
  • Audits

  • Audits can be instigated at key points such as at the start/end of a shift, or at any key stage of the process.
  • Audit problems and resolutions are recorded for future reference.
  • Comprehensive interrogation tools allow auditor to view tool and access history.
  • Issues can be resolved at source in a safe and controlled way.

  • Software and database driven architecture so functionality can reflect specific process requirements. An upgradeable and modular architecture ensures future requirements can be incorporated, and all elements of the solution are linked to give a fully integrated Fit to Fly solution.

    By using barcodes or RFID tags the Fit to Fly application not only controls cabinet based tooling in the production area. It can also be used in conjunction with Hand Held data capture devices to track items from central stores also. This could be capital equipment requiring central management for example a Jig required for a specific process, or hand tools being issued centrally, Fit to Fly provides the solution. The use of a two colour foam based structured tooling approach any issues with missing or damaged tools can be readily identified and rectified.

    Tool Management

  • Tools can be identified, tracked, re-ordered and searched in quality check situations.
  • Key items such as calibrated tools can be monitored by usage and controlled.
  • Tooling setup on a database with full transaction history
  • Lockdowns and Timeouts

  • Cabinet time outs can be initiated when drawers are active but not accessed.
  • Lockdowns can be initiated automatically or requested for problem situations.
  • Lockdowns are used in situations where future safety could be compromised.
  • A Flexible Approach

    Audit, process, improve by allowing either time phased or routine checking and visual inspection of the cabinet, with electronic feedback and control.

    Be in full control regarding who has accessed which drawer, in some instances what was taken and when it was taken.

    A client server architecture supported by industry standard databases means connectivity into existing networks or links into other applications are straightforward.

    Protection of investment, upgradeability and being able to take advantage of emerging markets such as RFID are inherent in the solution.