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RFID Portal Tracking Solutions

RFID Portal Solutions allow for the tracking of items in a non-intrusive manner. The Technology "automatically" reads the RFID tagged items as they pass through / past the devices. Multiple items can be read at the same time allowing a quicker process than individually scanning each item.

RFID door readers have the capability to completely decouple the asset recording task from the physical process, which means you are no longer dependent on an operator scanning a barcode or reading an RFID tag using a Hand Held Portable Terminal or scanner, improving accuracy and saving time.

This is achieved by using a combination of RFID tagging technology and fixed point readers, which means ‘portals’ or scan points can be set up on either existing or dedicated doorways or corridors, in the floor or even in the roof space allowing the tracking assets with tags as they pass through them, over them or near them, and with our tracking solution we even know the asset direction i.e. in or out. The tags can be disposable or reusable and are typically assigned to an asset for the duration of the process, it could be a package being loaded onto a vehicle or an asset being tracked as part of the process. The key requirement for any effective implementation is matching the process and the environment to the RFID tag and the scan point configuration.

The tracking software is then updated every time an RFID tag passes through a portal, If we want to find an asset or perform a very quick audit, a Hand Held Portable Terminal can be taken into an area and used to pick up any RFID tagged assets by being in the same proximity, so we can tell what should be in an area, what is in the area, and what are discrepancies, and this is a very quick process to perform and gives another level of asset management and control.

Portal Advantages

RFID Portal Technology is non-intrusive

Specialist RFID tags can operate in harsh environments

Auto reading of RFID tags as pass through zone.

You can read multiple RFID Tags at once, allowing faster data collection.

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Main Application Areas

  • Asset Tracking
  • Access Control
  • High Value Garment Identification
  • High Value Product Authentication
  • Waste Management
  • Manufacturing Control